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fruit and vegetables!

About us


In the very heart of the biggest fruit farming region if Europe… the history of fruit farming in this land has continued ever since 1545 when Queen Bona founded the first orchards in Poland, right here in the area of Czersk in Mazovia. The first orchards were started in Mazovia in the 16th century and in the centuries to follow they became more and more popular near manor houses and palaces. The first orchard on the landed estate of Konary was recorded in the documents as early as 1557, where apples and pears were grown for sale. The next mention of the orchard comes from 1782-1795. The first peasant orchards were started in the late 19th century. However, the fruit framing on a bigger scale developed here in the 1920’s and 1930’s, where big commercial orchards were founded. And so, century by century, generation by generation, the region of Warka and Grójec has become the biggest orchard in Europe and, for the last couple of years, the biggest producer of apples in Europe, ranking third in the world (after China and USA), and for the last two years – the leading exporter of apples. For the first time in the history of fruit farming in Poland, Polish apples have a dominating position in the market worldwide. Our apples are highly valued for their excellent taste, high level of health safety and attractive price. And this is exactly in this region that our Company is located, in Konary where the long history of fruit farming goes hand in hand with modern technologies, high quality and unique taste. Since 2002 we have been selling fresh fruit and vegetables, exporting our products to a number of markets in the EU and other countries worldwide.
Most of our farms are located within the “Nature 2000” area, upon the river of Pilica – an attractive tourist region also known as Pilica Plait. The unique microclimate of the region determines the taste and aroma of our apples, which are rich in natural sugars and acids, not to be found anywhere else in the world. And on top of that, the many hundred years’ fruit farming tradition oblige.


We have our own logistic and warehousing facilities, where our products are prepared for shipment. In our offer you will always find fresh fruit and vegetables.


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